The ministry of the Joint Institutional Committee is a wonderful opportunity to witness God’s tender love and care for each of His children. There are many ways to take part in this work:

These volunteers conduct church services or small group conferences in institutions.

Letter writers correspond with inmates wishing to learn more about Christian Science.  Often letter writers also send Bible lesson printouts on a weekly basis as well as occasionally sending articles from the Christian Science periodicals.

Although all committee members regularly pray to support the committee’s work, the metaphysical committee additionally takes up specific issues whenever asked by the JIC chairman.

In addition to regularly supporting the committee through prayer, branch church representatives vote on committee business on behalf of their branch church or society, keep the board of their church apprised of all JIC activities, and inform the JIC of any changes or questions from their branch church.  Each Christian Science branch church or society in Missouri may appoint one church rep annually.  Every two years, church reps elect a chair and vice-chair to help conduct the business of the committee and serve as liaisons to state institutions.

Support workers provide help with special projects and administrative tasks.

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CS-JIC Bylaws – Final 2011

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