…into our community those individuals who have been released from an institution and we rejoice that reliance on God can meet every need both before and after release.  Our Christian Science resources provide opportunities to learn more about God and His tender love for each individual, an understanding of which leads to practical solutions in daily life.  Additionally, there are a variety of local resources available to help.


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A Healing of the Heart

Several months ago Victor voluntarily left the relative comfort of his faith-based dorm to live among the general population in the prison, so he can more easily share Christian Science with those he feels most need it. His full name has not been published to protect his privacy.

My name is Victor. I have been studying Christian Science for almost two years now. I am not a very good writer, but I feel compelled to share my healing with all my Christian Science brothers and sisters.

I grew up in an Islamic home…

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Drug Addiction - Healed

During The 1960s, like many of my peers I decided to experiment with drugs, including alcohol and nicotine. What at first seemed like an exciting adventure turned into a dark dependence on many of these drugs.

By the time I was nineteen, I was getting high every day, mainly on speed (methamphetamines), cocaine, and marijuana, and I’d tried numerous other drugs. I also smoked cigarettes heavily. When I couldn’t get the other drugs, whiskey or beer was substituted. Getting high was a way of rebelling…

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For those seeking additional re-entry resources, please check out the sites below.