If you would like to apply to volunteer for the JIC, please review and download a worker/chaplain application form here, a questionnaire here, and a worker/chaplain branch church/society appointment form here.

If you are currently a JIC volunteer and are needing to download necessary forms (which are also found in the procedural handbook), find the most updated versions of the documents listed below by clicking here:

JIC documents and forms.

  • JIC Bylaws
  • Procedural Handbook (March 2012)
  • JIC Roster February 2017
  • Google Calendar Instructions
  • Suggested guidelines for letter writing
  • Reimbursement Voucher

Clayton Justice Center documents and forms:

  • City of St. Louis Corrections annual report 2014
  • CJC background check
  • I have received and have read Policies
  • JS_Volunteer Handbook
  • Volunteer Agreement
  • Volunteer Application
  • Volunteer release document
  • St. Louis County Justice Center (Clayton, or CJC) Procedure
  • Order of Service and Announcements for County Justice Center (CJC)

Hall Street documents and forms.

  • St. Louis City Correctional Center Procedures (MSI, or Hall Street)
  • Order of Service and Announcements for St. Louis City Correctional Center (Hall Street)
  • Hall Street Report/Tally Form