Fruitage Report

 Tuesday, 5/19/15
Institution: CJC, 7th Floor (men)
Other Institution: 
Type of Meeting: Conference
Volunteer(s): Catherine Trevor-Roberts     
Number Attended: 4

Literature Distributed:
Bible: 0, S&H: 0, MBL: 4, Quarterlies: 0, Sentinel: 1,
Journal: 0, Monitor: 3, Pamphlets: 0, Exit Packet: 0, Other: 0

Key questions of attendees’ to be followed up on:
How to think and pray about the Government? Is prayer really enough? How do we heal?

Good report from / healings shared by attendees:
When I got there, a man helped me set up the room. He was working and so was not able to stay but we had a wonderful chat as we set up the room. He said he keeps studying the Bible and taking his time in jail as an opportunity to get closer to God. As we finished up our conversation, the other men started coming in. All 4 are regulars, though it was the first time I met one of them. The one that I met for the first time has been eating up all our services. He feels like he is learning so much from us about his relationship to God. The conversation we had was very deep and focused. I started off by going to the Bible lesson and relating some of the passages to them and their situations. They really liked that. I also shared with them some of the things I had been working with, like reading from Science, Theology and Medicine. This started a deeper conversation about how to think about things, like the government and people in the facility. The conversation lead to discing why prayer is enough and how it leads to healing. We started a conversation about how to heal our pasts, but time was up. It was a great discussion. All of the men said they really enjoyed it and we so grateful they came. They all took a Bible lesson and some of the other periodicals.

Other Comments:

Logistical questions or issues to be addressed by JIC/Supplies needed:

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