Fruitage Report

 Thursday, 5/21/15
Institution: CJC, 6th Floor (men)
Other Institution: 
Type of Meeting: Conference
Volunteer(s): Lynn Tarnow     
Number Attended: 1

Literature Distributed:
Bible: 1, S&H: , MBL: 1, Quarterlies: , Sentinel: 7,
Journal: , Monitor: 5, Pamphlets: , Exit Packet: , Other: 

Key questions of attendees’ to be followed up on:

Good report from / healings shared by attendees:
The gentleman who attended the conference today had found a copy of Science and Health in the pod; he stated that once he started reading it, he had not been able to to stop. This is his second time being incarcerated. He said the first time he was in jail, he was full of anger and resentment until another prisoner encouraged him repeatedly to start reading the Bible. He recounted how the Bible transformed him–replacing his anger with faith, and stated that he has read it through many times. What he loves about Science and Health is that it has so many Bible passages woven into it, and that it “translates” those passages so that we can even better understand them. The statement “Truth makes a new creature, in whom old things pass away and ‘all things are becomes new'” (201) really stood out to him because he said that helped him understand more fully how the Biblical truths changed his life. The issue he still struggles with is addiction; we read through the Lord’s Prayer in Science and Health applying it specifically to that issue and then turned to several passages in the Bible lesson as well. He loved the idea of the Bible lesson–that everyone studies the same thing and asked to keep his copy of the MyBibleLesson. He had a lot of practical questions as well–such as where the churches are in St. Louis and what the Reading Rooms are all about. He left with a large stack of periodicals saying he intended to read them and them distribute them in the pod to try and help others.

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Logistical questions or issues to be addressed by JIC/Supplies needed:

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