Fruitage Report

 Tuesday, 5/19/15
Institution: CJC, 4th Floor (women)
Other Institution: 
Type of Meeting: Conference
Volunteer(s): Joanne Otto     
Number Attended: 5

Literature Distributed:
Bible: 4, S&H: 5, MBL: 5, Quarterlies: , Sentinel: 7,
Journal: , Monitor: 4, Pamphlets: , Exit Packet: , Other: 

Key questions of attendees’ to be followed up on:
Is Christian Science the same as Scientology? This misconception was definitely corrected this evening, but it keeps coming up with different groups.

Good report from / healings shared by attendees:
In spite of a lot of people urging her to go to another meeting held at the same time, a woman felt drawn to our conference. She shed a lot of tears during it, but later told me that she’d been feeling she’d lost her faith when, in spite of her prayers, her father had died of cancer and that this evening she felt it had been restored. Another woman with a strong background in the Bible said she wasn’t sure if she’d like Christian Science but was willing to listen. She wasn’t going to take a copy of SH unless she wanted to read it. By the end she was taking notes in her copy. Two spoke of drug addiction and were really feeling that what they learned tonight could help them overcome it. Everyone, including the one who left early, wanted a copy of SH and a copy of the BL.

Other Comments:
I could really feel the Holy Spirit at work this evening. There was a deep longing to live in right relation to God and leave the past behind, and the Genesis 1 message that Mrs E. discovered and that Jesus assured us would make us free was there to answer that longing and to bring comfort and encouragement. I was so grateful to be a channel for it. I had felt so weary earlier that I didn’t see how I could be a help to others that late in the day, but the emphasis on strength in our BL was a huge support to me, and I was able to facilitate this very active and very deep discussion without any difficulty. I’m also grateful I didn’t miss it. When an event my husband and I hoped to attend this evening first came to my attention, I asked another worker if she could step in, but she couldn’t due to a family commitment. Now I can’t imagine ever wanting to be anywhere this evening but with these courageous and honest seekers for truth.

Logistical questions or issues to be addressed by JIC/Supplies needed:
We are very low on Bibles (3) and SHs (7, some in poor condition.) We also have only 5 BLs for the services this weekend, but since these women don’t have access to a service, I felt that if they wanted to read the Lesson I should leave these copies with them. The thought of God as Soul, identity, I AM had really resonated with them.

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