Fruitage Report

 Saturday, May 6, 2015
Institution: CJC, 6th Floor (men)
Other Institution: 
Type of Meeting: Church Service
Volunteer(s): Lynn Tarnow     Joanne Otto
Number Attended: 3

Literature Distributed:
Bible: 2, S&H: 2, MBL: 2, Quarterlies: , Sentinel: 1,
Journal: , Monitor: 2, Pamphlets: , Exit Packet: , Other: 

Key questions of attendees’ to be followed up on:

Good report from / healings shared by attendees:

Other Comments:
Three came in together from A Pod. There were none from any of the other pods. They all said they’d attended our services at least once before, but they still needed explanations about the Thursday conferences and who Mary Baker Eddy is. Two of them were attentive during the service and even read passages of the Lesson-Sermon aloud with us. We didn’t discourage them from doing so since it was such a small group and it kept them focused on the Word. The third man was respectfully quiet, but his mind seemed to be elsewhere. One of them was expecting a visitor at 2:00, so we did not have the discussion time we normally do after the service.

Logistical questions or issues to be addressed by JIC/Supplies needed:
Since a previous report pointed out that the officers on the 6th floor seem to resent being asked for a second call, we decided to just go ahead with those who were there. We’d heard the officer give the call in a loud voice, and I trust it was an all-call since he’d told me that’s what they always do. It did seem odd, however, that only one pod was represented.

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