Fruitage Report

 Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Institution: CJC, 7th Floor (men)
Other Institution: 
Type of Meeting: Conference
Volunteer(s): Tori Fredrickson     
Number Attended: 3

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Bible: , S&H: , MBL: 3, Quarterlies: , Sentinel: ,
Journal: , Monitor: 4, Pamphlets: , Exit Packet: , Other: 

Key questions of attendees’ to be followed up on:
We spent a lot of time diagraming out Genesis Chapter one versus Genesis chapter two. They were very happy to go through the whole text in the Bible to see the different views of God, man, creation, good and evil, and temptation. They saw clearly that these two accounts were very different and that they needed to clearly claim Genesis chapter one as their story. We then talked about how Genesis chapter one was the basis for Jesus’ healing. They wanted to know how to handle temptation so we then looked at Jesus example in handling the temptations. It meant a lot to them to be able to discern mental temptations and to know the power of the presence of the Spirit.

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