Fruitage Report

 Thursday, 5/14/15
Institution: Hall Street (women)
Other Institution: Pod 2
Type of Meeting: Conference
Volunteer(s): Pamela Moulton     
Number Attended: 7

Literature Distributed:
Bible: 4, S&H: 6, MBL: 7, Quarterlies: , Sentinel: 8,
Journal: , Monitor: 4, Pamphlets: , Exit Packet: , Other: 

Key questions of attendees’ to be followed up on:
Each time there is essentially a new group of women who have attended although this was now the second time this particular pod came. It is not clear at all how the women are selected, but twice now the officers on duty have asked me if I have a list that I would like to call. Since they do not seem to be keeping an accounting, I will do a better job at that. Each woman who came sincerely thanked me and asked if they could have the opportunity to come again. They were very eager to have not only their own copy of S&H which one gal already started underlining in, but also grateful of Sentinels and Monitors. I have never been allowed to have more than 9 women attend even tho I mentioned that I would be happy to have up to 15 in the room.

Good report from / healings shared by attendees:
As soon as the group sat down one women launched into an expression of praise for being able to come today; it seemed a bit like a sermon as she got more vocal. When I found a moment to jump in I told her how wonderful it was that she was part of our group and was expressing so much joy and gratitude for the opportunity to share good. We talked about the importance of expressing gratitude, in acknowledging God’s goodness and ever-presence, that that sense of receptivity was key in listening for God’s guidance for each of us. I launched into an introduction about Christian Science as I shared some key foundational concepts about the first chapter in Genesis and we talked about the many encouraging healings in the Bible that show us protecting truths still present today. We started talking a bit about the Jonah story in this week’s lesson and the need for us to listen AND follow God’s direction. Many could relate to that inner dialog that seems to shut out a right idea presenting itself. We talked about the need to be still to listen to the ideas of good and that we can have the lift and confidence in following the right and can be alert to not being tempted to entertain a thought counterproductive to good. One woman shared that she feels that she is finding healing in watching her thought yielding to good’s direction. She related how she felt the healing touch of God when she had overdosed, after wanting to take her life, and had been in a coma. Yet she could hear her grandfather- a minister -assuring her that she was needing to make a change and that she could find a peaceful way to do that. She said that clear sense of love spoke to her right through the comma and was a turning point for her. She was concerned about this same granddad who now was not wanting her to return home because he didn’t trust that she had changed and was still seeing her as a convict. We spoke about how important for her to recognize that God’s view of her as His innocent, obedient child was the view that really mattered and what she could hang on to. She liked that and also recognizing that someone’s false view of her couldn’t touch her, but could in fact lift to a better view of what is real. We talked about everyone’s pure, immortal sense as the only real identity . At first the gals didn’t feel that they could relate to themselves as being immortal- that it seemed to imply some superpower- but the more that we spoke about the spiritual nature of things and people they really appreciated this new view.

Other Comments:
About 30 minutes before the session ended there was a call for the group to take their medicine. All but one got in line. As I visited with the one remaining gal I asked about her not taking medicine and she said she wished she did have some for her depression. I encouraged her to understand that didn’t really solve the problem or heal depression, that she could be alert to see that depression did not have to be any part of her experience because it was not of God. When the women left they vowed they were going to work with this new immortal view of themselves and endeavor to both welcome in the Christ and to look for the Christ. They seemed eager to finish the Bible lesson on their own.

Logistical questions or issues to be addressed by JIC/Supplies needed:

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